An engineer will be able to assess the damage and determine the cause, whether it’s cracking, moving or some other scenario. Once the cause has been determined, the appropriate repairs can be made. IL Engineering has an experienced multidisciplinary team of specialists to assist with these investigations, including structural and geotechnical engineers, plumbers and more
The process of renovating or extending your house involves a long list of trades and suppliers, and also regulatory requirements relating to planning and building. IL Engineering can guide you through the whole journey, from initial advice and design ideas right through to obtaining permits and preparing documentation to get you ready to build. We can make a complex process much more straightforward, and help you get the best result possible.
In short, any project involving construction, demolition or removal of a building, including repairs, alterations and extensions, will require a building permit, unless it’s particularly minor in scale. For more information, you can review this practice note from the Victorian Building Authority. Or you can contact IL Engineering, and we’ll provide advice tailored to your specific project.
An architect can add significant value to your building project, particularly if you have a brief but no specific design ideas. However, if you do have a design in mind and are simply looking for it to be refined and documented, then a building designer is an excellent option. In fact, architects often use building designers to document their designs. IL Engineering offers building design services, as well as engineering and project management.
Engineers work with architects and building designers to ensure that their designs are structurally sound. Specific tasks include determining the size and adequacy of building elements such as beams, the depth of footings and other elements vital to structural integrity and safety. IL Engineering provides these services for all kinds of projects, from residential extensions to medium-density developments and industrial buildings.
We are highly experienced forensic engineering experts with indepth knowledge of why buildings fail. This knowledge allows us to design and document new projects to avoid common pitfalls. And we bring exceptional attention to detail. We don’t design generic “volume” housing – every project is given due attention to provide a bespoke design, with every detail considered, right down to the size of nails!

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